Starting from 2017 the WCF Best Cat rating is calculated automatically.
All WCF show results should be entered into the WCF Best Cat Rating.

For rating participants

1. There is a hologram on my cat's pedigree.

In 2017-2019 all cats that have a WCF hologram participate in the WCF Best Cat Rating for free.

Your cat is registered. Find your cat in the rating results ( and make sure that entered show data is correct. If you find out that some results are missing, please, contact the support and provide documents (judging lists of your cat, diplomas, etc.) verifying and proving the missing results.

2. There is a hologram on my cat's pedigree, but I can’t find my cat in the rating.

Please, contact the support.

3. There is no hologram on my cat's pedigree.

The owner should pay 4 euro to participate. For this:

- Find your cat by using FILTER:

- Press the button “PARTICIPATE” and pay a yearly fee.

If you have any problems, please contact support

For show holders

For the show results to be entered into the WCF Best Cat Rating, please contact support.

*WCF Best Cat is calculated by Animal Service, LTD using the TopCat show software.